The coffee art project

During all these years working as a coffee cup reading specialist, I kept constantly feeling the need to make those images left in the cups last. These figures reflect intimate stories of people and are part of a magic moment where both me and the consultant felt clarity in our hearts. That’s why I started taking photographs of those impressions, because I believe that the moment we get to see them again, we will feel that certainty again.

Remember... travel again through the heart

Images and figures left by coffee are an art by itself, representing emotions and conflicts. That’s why I decided to look around the world for artists that were inspired by coffeemancy. This connection would be a connection of two things: from my side, interpreting stories told by coffee and, from the artist’s side, creating new figures that will tell new stories.

CoffeeArt Project was created from mixing expressing artistically with coffee and the millennial art of coffee cup reading. All of this being also influenced by each artist, city and style. It’s a multisensorial experience that makes the public able to live the story told by the coffee and, at the same time, live new experiences when looking at the paintings.

CoffeeArt Project started at Magg’s Outdoor Gallery in Jose Ignacio, a beautiful small fisherman town in Uruguay that mixes art and nature. In this opportunity, coffee cups were hanged in an imaginary sky, each one telling a different story from a different participant.

The second event took place on June 10th, 2016 in New York, with local artist Eillen Karakashian. She has a series of paintings made using coffee cup’s impressions, which made this exhibition even more meaningful. We were also both connected by our armenian heritage, being this an important bond in this artistic event. The exposition took place in Tunfekian Artisan Carpets, in the 3rd. Avenue.

We are available and open to organize future art events.