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Read my coffee cup online

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How can I make my online reading?

Preparing this coffee is a ritual in itself, and a skill that improves with experience.

The type of coffee you choose to use is the most important element in this ritual, and it has to be thin ground coffee. I’ve lately started using ethiopian coffee, one of the best coffees in the world. I created, with the help of coffee specialists, three tasty blends for this ritual: anise, cinnamon and cardamom.

We the armenians call jezvé (pronounced as tze) to the special recipient in which the coffee is made. There’re different sizes of it, depending on the numbers of people who are going to be part of the ritual.

You need the following elements and ingredients to prepare your coffee:

  • 1 jezvé (copper or bronze recipient in which you place the ingredients)
  • 1 white cup and white plate
  • Thin ground coffee (two teaspoons)
  • Sugar (two teaspoons)
  • Natural water (amount that the cup needs)
  • Fire


Put two teaspoons of coffee and two teaspoons of sugar inside the jezvé and mix it with water.

Place the jezve in slow fire, heating it without getting to the boiling point.

Serve it in the cup and drink it until you finish the coffee. Then, turn the cup upside down and place it on the plate. Leave it some minutes for the dregs to fall and form the images that will be interpreted.

If you are going to prepare more than one coffee at the same time, you need to divide the dregs in each cup before you serve the rest of the coffee, so they all have the same consistency.

Last step needed before the reading

Send 4 pictures of both the cup and the plate, from the inside and the outside. For the plate, you'll need to drain the content before taking the picture. You can use the following pictures as reference:

Cup's inside

Cup's inside

Cup's outside

Drained plate