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Coffee blend, 100 gr.

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I chose these special blends together with barista Dahiana Andino, from La fábrica del café (Spanish for ‘The Coffee Factory’). We dedicated time and love to prepare these blends because we wanted them to be in fact special, unique, and able to take us to orient just by smelling them.

After all our work, we came up with three blends, all coming from the best ethiopian coffee. These are: anise, cinnamon and cardamom.

All of the plants used are millennial, and have unique properties. These botanical properties are connected with spiritual aspects, and that’s why we chose these plants to be part of our blends.

Anise: Helps creating a cleaning energy, purifying the system and giving it freshness.

Cinnamon: It works as a dosis to soften and sweeten our heart and the way we look at love.

Cardamom: It has the ability of making us connect with our inner strength and energy.

Which one do you feel like trying?