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"Corazón de café" book

Laura Keoroglian tells her personal experience in the art of coffee cup reading with a pleasant testimony told in two languages: words and images.

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A particularly special chapter is “Historias de Café” (Spanish for ‘Coffee stories’), where you will find photographs that illustrates ten reading sessions of the many Laura has had during her career.

Topics such as love’s bright and dark faces, power struggles, fear of changes, progress, maternity, among others, are narrated in an intimate and colloquial language.

“Corazón de Café is more than an anecdotic book or just an instructions manual -although it may as well be- It is, as I see it, the reflection of the personal transformation the author had, her particular learning path, and her gift of coffee cup reading, communicating at the same time a repairing or warning message to the consultant”- Eduardo Luis Fernández