Coffee cup reading

Coffee cup reading is an art that works as a way to know someone’s soul and deepest feelings. It’s based on the interpretation of stains left by coffee and helps to deeply analyze conflicts that appear on a person's life, giving clarity to them and leading the consultant to act in a way that is faithful to itself.

The way this coffee is made is a ritual that takes special care. It uses thin ground coffee, sugar and water. These ingredients are later put on water and heated, watching closely for the mix to heat without getting to the boiling point.

When you’re drinking this coffee, you should do it without any worries, just focusing on your feelings and thoughts. Once you finish your cup, turn it upside down and place it on the plate. Then wait some minutes for the dregs of the coffee to drop and form the figures that will be interpreted.

Although this reading can tell a lot about the person who drank the coffee, it’s important to know that it’s a relevant guide to review or find an orientation to a conflict, rather than a revealed truth that will lead the consultant’s life.

We all know everything, we have all the information we need inside us, but sometimes day to day life and external situations interfere with that inner voice we have, making harder for us to connect with our inner self, with what we already know. That’s when coffee cup reading comes in hand: it’s a tool that allows us to stop for a moment and reconnect with ourselves.

Coffee cup reading tells us about present or near future events. We can see from the beginning the consultant’s actual conflict, without the need of sharing even a word about it. Since it makes the consultant reconnect with its inner self, it helps it to think about its current life situation, why is that situation happening and how to avoid it in the future.

"Confessions that leaves us under a dark cloud"

"There is only the present moment. Then everything starts again"

"Sometimes everything flows so that two people can meet, and also the other way around"